Activating your P & C to help promote the inclusion of your child at school - afternoon session

19 October 2021
12:30 pm - 01:30 pm
In this webinar, Family Advocacy will be joined by parent advocates Mark Hunyor and Aine Healy. Mark and Aine have started an inclusion sub-committee in their respective schools’ Parents and Citizens (P & C) associations, focusing on making sure all children and families feel included.

Inclusion involves the whole school community, and benefits ALL students. Parents play an important role in raising and bringing attention to issues that might be impacting their children with disability within their school.

When parents work together, they can identify common issues and collaborate to improve their local school – in both government and non-government settings.

If you missed our previous webinar in July, parent advocates Mark Hunyor and Aine Healy are joining us again to share their tips and experiences on how and why they work within their P&Cs to help promote inclusion. 

If you attended the first event, you are welcome to come again: this session will build on the last one and include hands-on work to help you get started. We will also hear success stories of an inclusion subcommittee being set up in a primary and a high school. Bring a friend this time - remember, the more allies you have, the more successful your inclusion sub-committee will be to promote inclusion for your child!

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