Once your child is € enrolled, the transition process will begin. Careful planning and thinking will help to ensure a smooth transition for your child.

Some tips to help this process may be:

  • visit the school and become familiar with the look and feel of the playground, class set up etc
  • meet teachers in the early primary years at the school
  • consider access to all areas of the school
  • practice the morning routine and travel to school in the holidays, consider travel buddies
  • gather ideas about the transition to school from friends, family and if currently in preschool talk with preschool staff

Getting ready for school: A guide for parents of a child with disability 2011 Department of Education NSW publication
Staff roles and responsibilities in State schools. It can be helpful to know who are the various staff in state schools. Some positions work in a few schools. Meet and determine who embraces the vision for your child, they may be a good support for you.
Transition to school website This is a website resource developed by Early Childhood Intervention Australia 

High school years

Inclusion does not stop in the primary years; many students with disability, including students with significant support needs, attend mainstream high schools across the state.

Revisit the vision for your child's future to help determine the best setting and school. Visit our Things to consider when choosing a school for more thoughts on this. 

As with transitioning to primary school forward planning and consideration of your child's needs will assist with a smooth transition process. Some extra tips for for transitioning to high school may be:

  • Visit the high schools you are interested in for a school tour
  • Attend the open day and orientation day
  • Talk with the transition coordinator at high school to find out what the usual process is. Consider how this could be modified to suit your child.
  • Perhaps extra visits to the high school with your child's friends that will also be attending that school.

View Jacob's Story for one student’s experience of an inclusive high school education.

Further reading on this topic can be found below:

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