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Beyond Imagination - Creating inclusive lives that transform communities


This presentation was delivered by Bruce Uditsky at Family Advocacy's 2007 Odyssey Conference.

An inclusive life, in effect an ordinary life, holds the promise of possibility and belonging; of having friends and being seen as a valued community member.

This presentation highlights how families are creating exciting, dynamic and inclusive lives for their sons and daughters with intellectual disabilities. Stories will be shared that illustrate the difference an inclusive life makes across the life-span - from childhood to adulthood. Families, through their leadership and motivated by love, commitment, hope and vision, have been able to open doors in the community that are sometimes beyond the imagination of most people. This session will also share stories of how the lives of community members have been transformed through their relationships with people with intellectual disabilities.

Bruce Uditsky
Family Advocacy 2007 Odyssey Conference
Family Advocacy
Publication Date
25 October 2007
Teachers, Families, Parents, Professionals
Inclusion, inclusive communities, vision

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