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Participation and Contribution through Work, Study and Valued Roles

Written Material

This information sheet has been designed for quick reference to a number of options for people with disabilities to participate in work, study, and other valued roles. For detailed information you will
need to follow the links to contact the relevant service, organisation or Government department. 

This document also includes a number of stories to demonstrate the diversity of possibilities for people with disabilities to pursue valued roles. As each person has their own hopes, dreams, and life circumstances, we recommend that you read these stories for inspiration about what is possible rather than read them as a recipe for how you should pursue a particular role.

Pave the Way  works with families to clarify their vision for their family member with a disability and to plan to implement that vision. As part of our work, we aim to assist people with accurate, relevant and timely information to help with planning.

Pave the Way
Pave the Way
Publication Date
1 January 2013
Professionals, Teachers, Families, Parents
Valued role, study, employment

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