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Planning for Now, Tomorrow and the Future - Resource Guide


As we get older the biggest worry for families with a family member with a disability is “What will happen when I die?”Who will be here to look out for our sons or daughters or sisters or brothers when we are no longer around to look out for them?

We do a lot of worrying in the depths of the night but how often do we take steps to address our concerns, as we deal with and struggle with the reality of the here and now?

Our failure to act is, however, an action in itself. When we say that we have no time or we are too tired or we don‘t know where to start or that there is no funding so what’s the point, we are choosing to do nothing.

This booklet, in two parts, is based on reflections on personal experience and the insights from many others.

This is an extended and more detailed version of : Planning for now, tomorrow and the future

Jeremy Ward
Pave the Way, Mamre
Pave the Way, Mamre
Publication Date
1 August 2013
Advocacy, Planning, Vision, Planning for the Future

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