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Pocket Guide to Advocacy

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The inevitability of advocacy is particularly true when parents share a desire for an inclusive life for their son or daughter with developmental disabilities: for their children to have a good life in community. Advocacy in itself does not imply a struggle or an adversarial process. Every parent advocates for the well-being of the children whether or not they have a disability. Our society expects this of parents and implies one is a good, caring, conscientious and loving parent when they advocate for the best interests of their child. Advocacy on behalf of your son or daughter with developmental disabilities is no different and as such is a positive reflection of your commitment and concern for the best interests of your son or daughter.

This Pocket Guide to Advocacy should not be considered a comprehensive guide to advocacy. The purpose of this small Pocket Guide is to outline key points for parents that can be readily consulted when you find yourself in an advocacy situation.

Alberta Association for Community Living
Publication Date
1 January 2010
Parents, Professionals, Teachers, Other, Person with disability, Unknown, Families

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