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Taking control – what it really means


This presentation was given at Family Advocacy's 2012 The Odyssey Conference...celebrating achievements, progress and change. 

Abdul-Karim Bouchafaa has been enjoying life after high school supported via an individualised, self managed package. This individualised approach has provided him with opportunities to develop a range of long held interests such as martial arts plus it has introduced him to many new interests like dance and drumming. It has also supported him to move gradually into adult life by developing new roles, interests and friendships. Abdul-Karim is developing his confidence to make decisions and take an active part in planning his life.

Sylvana Mahmic’s interest in disability began 20 years ago when her first child, Abdul-Karim, was diagnosed with a disability. Seeking to understand what lay ahead for her son, she completed post graduate study in special education, which led her to working in this field. She is currently Director of Pathways Early Childhood Intervention, is President of Early Childhood Intervention Association NSW and a member of the Disability Council NSW. In 2008, Sylvana’s interest in individualised support began when Abdul-Karim received an individual funding package and she has been learning about self management since then.


Abdul Karim Bouchafaa and Sylvana Mahmic
Family Advocacy Odyssey Conference
Family Advocacy
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1 January 1970

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