An important part of our work is to strengthen the knowledge of families. Through the resources available in our online resource library the Inclusion Collection, we provide families with information that is both inspiring and practical and promote positive values about people with disability. 

Communiqué - Our quarterly e-newsletter to families 

The purpose of Communiqué is to provide the most up to date information about the issues that affect people with disability and the quest for inclusive lives. It highlights developments in our systemic advocacy efforts, new resources that are available, upcoming events - ours and others’, interesting snippets from around the state, nationally and internationally as well as drawing attention to issues that require long term planning and focus. It is our intention to keep you informed - Information is Power! 

If you would like to to be added to our mailing list to receive Communiqué please contact us.

Families for Change Journal 

Historically we published a quarterly Journal called Families for Change which focused on issues of importance to people with disability and their families.

The aim of the Journal was to encourage and support families to speak out for and on behalf of their family member, but also advocate for broader change on behalf of people with disability in general. Below you will find some of the copies of the Journals. For previous editions that are not available online please contact our Communications Coordinator.  


Supported Living Fund for NSW - Autumn 2010
Social Advocacy in a complex and changing world - Summer 2010 


The Global Village - Canadian Parent Exchange Part 1 - Spring 2009 
The Global Village - Canadian Parent Exchange Part 2 - Summer 2009 
Life After School...An Opportunity For Work, Growth and Dreams - Winter 2009 


Supported Living for New South Wales - Autumn 2008 
Systems Advocacy – Changing the System - Winter 2008
Towards A Better Life: Re-framing Thoughts and Actions - Spring 2008 


Activism needed - Autumn 2007
The ties that bind – networking and communication - Winter 2007
All my life’s a journey - Spring 2007 
The Odyssey – a journey of enrichment and possibility - Summer 2007 


Relationships - April 2006 
Unfamiliar Roads - Winter 2006
Safeguarding advocacy - Summer 2006 


Children out of home care - March 2005
Real people, Real lives - November 2005


Advocacy: At the heart of change - Autumn 2004
The Road to an inclusive Adulthood - Spring 2004 
All the glitters is not gold - Summer 2004


Special Election Edition - Autumn 2003
Great Expectations - Spring 2003


Responding to Diversity - Autumn 2002
People not Programs - Winter 2002
Springboard to Action (information/advocacy) - Summer 2002 


Changing the System (Flexible supports for families) - March 2001
Bending Over Backwards (heightened susceptibility) - Winter 2001
Springing Forward (Education) - Spring 2001
Advocacy/Community Leadership - Summer 2001


The Inclusion Journey - October 2000
Is Empowerment really Empowering? - December 2000

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