• Early Childhood

    Early Childhood

    Getting off to a good start in life is vitally important for all children, particularly children with developmental disability. A good start means to start on a path that keeps the child embedded in their family and community. The ‘special and separate’ path can leave families isolated, vulnerable and disconnected from the typical and ordinary environments other children and families enjoy. Family Advocacy’s aim is that all children are supported in age appropriate ways to be active members of their families and communities.

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  • School Years

    School Years

    Family Advocacy recognises the many barriers faced by people with disability and their families in enabling students to be included in mainstream learning environments. Family Advocacy’s aim is that all people with developmental disability are welcomed and educated, with adequate support, in the same learning environment as their non-disabled peers. This includes early childhood education, school and post school education systems.

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  • Employment  and Volunteering

    Employment and Volunteering

    Having the opportunity to be in a work or volunteering type role can provide a sense of purpose, self-worth and the opportunity to contribute to the community. This section of our website will look at how you could support your family member with disability to pursue their interests and strengths to form a work or volunteering type role in their life.

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  • Community Life

    Community Life

    Communities are places of great possibility for natural supports and opportunities for people with developmental disability. Family Advocacy enhances the capacity of families to develop and contribute to welcoming, inclusive communities.

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  • Creating a Home

    Creating a Home

    Family Advocacy believes that people with disability have the same right as other citizens to have appropriate and relevant housing options and choices available to them. This means that the living situations of people with disability should be similar to those on offer to the general community. This section of our website has many resources that will help you in your planning and thinking around what creating a home for a person with disability can look like.

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  • Advocacy and Leadership making it happen

    Advocacy and Leadership making it happen

    Family Advocacy encourages families to speak up on behalf of their family member with disability so they have the same opportunities that other Australians enjoy. Being motivated by love, families hold a unique strength and are an important safeguard when speaking out on behalf of their family member.

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  • Resourcing Inclusive Communities

    Resourcing Inclusive Communities

    Resourcing Families is an initiative of Family Advocacy that provides information and resources for families to support their family member with disability to live a meaningful and typical life as a valued member of their community. Resourcing Families aims to assist families to develop their capacity and confidence to have more choice and control over decisions and support arrangements that will facilitate individualised lifestyles for their family member around their genuine interests and aspirations. This may include making the most of emerging opportunities for self directing supports through individualised funding.

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