Below is the process you can follow if you are not satisfied with Family Advocacy's activities or staff; or if you believe we are not complying with an aspect of the National Standards of Disability Services. 

How to complain:

You can complain in person, in writing, or through another person on your behalf.

If your complaint is about a particular person it is better to take it up directly with that person. If this does not resolve the situation, then you can approach the Executive Officer or the Management

If the matter relates to our policy and practices, we can provide you with a copy of the policy document so it can assist you to decide whether or not you have a complaint.

If you wish to have the complaint investigated by an outside agency, you can contact: Complaints Resolution and Referral Service 1800 880 052

What will happen?

Your complaint will be acknowledged in writing within seven working days.

In the first instance the complaint will be dealt with by the Executive Officer. If the complaint is about the Executive Officer, it will be dealt with by the Chairperson of the Management Committee.

All complaints will be resolved within 42 days and you will be informed of the decision. If the complaint is not resolved to your satisfaction, you will be referred to an appropriate outside agency.

To obtain a copy of the full policy or to make a complaint please contact us:

Family Advocacy
Suite 704, 88-90 George Street
Hornsby NSW 2077

9869 0866 or 1800 620 588

Complaints process - visual (easy read) version

You can download a visual, easy read version below:

Family Advocacy’s complaints process – visual

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