P&C Inclusion Subcommittee Intro Session - Tuesday 21 November

21 November 2023
07:00 pm - 08:00 pm
Online via Zoom
This evening session is designed to help you activate your school's P and C to promote inclusion at school, connect you with other parents to learn through shared experiences, help effectively advocate for your child and ensure they receive the support they require, and make a real difference in your community.

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Why do we need these discussions?

When parents work together, they can identify common issues and collaborate to improve their local school. A powerful way to do this is by setting up an inclusion sub-committee in your school’s P & C (Parents and Citizens) Association - also called "Parents and Friends Association" or "Parent Board" in some schools.

Don't miss the opportunity to meet parent advocates who have already started an inclusion subcommittee at their school. They will share their experiences and give you tips to get started. 

Find out: 

- The benefits of working through your school's P&C
- The challenges and opportunities
- What is a 'P&C inclusion sub-committee'? 
​- How to raise the idea of inclusion sub-committee to your P&C
- What could this committee do to promote inclusion?
​- How it works at primary and secondary schools
- What do we mean when we say 'inclusion'?

How to register: 

Simply click on the link to register. It's free! 

Download the flyer and help us spread the word!


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