Successful Transitions Through School workshop - High School, Hornsby Thursday 4 April

4 April 2024
10:00 am - 01:30 pm
Hornsby RSL - 4 High St, Hornsby NSW
The aim of this workshop is to facilitate a successful transition for students moving from Primary School onto High School, building the foundations for students to be lifelong learners.

With the right resources and support, all students with disability can have a positive and successful start and finish to their schooling journey. 

These workshops aim to empower families through knowledge and ongoing support for successful student transitions. You will learn how to work collaboratively with educators to increase the well-being and school outcomes of your child as they move through the various stages of school. 

There are three key transition periods in a child’s educational journey:

  • Transition to Primary School -  A great start to school sets students up for a positive education.
  • Transition to High School - Building the foundations for students to be lifelong learners.
  • Transition to Senior High School (Years 11-12) - The final stretch setting students up for life as adults.

This project is supported by grant funding from the Department of Education so we can offer these important workshops at no cost to you - however bookings are essential.

Register here for the Transition to High School Workshop on Thursday 4 April

Download flyer for all three workshops

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