Are you thinking about school for your child? It is never too early to start thinking about the future. The resources below offer practical tips, strategies, ideas and information to help you start planning a positive future and look at some of the things that are important in achieving an inclusive education.

Please keep in mind the films are a part of a recording from a live webinar conducted in June 2015. Funding supports and possibilities change quite frequently, so it is important that you keep checking that the information is accurate. 

For more in depth information about an inclusive education for your family member with disability please view the school years section of our website.

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Chapter 1: Who is Family Advocacy, the aims of the webinar and having a vision for the future

To find out more about the work we do and who we are please visit Our organisation webpage.

Chapter 2: What is a vision and how you can use it as an advocacy tool

Mum Gina talks about how her son's vision helps guide their choices and advocacy efforts.

An inclusive education as part of an inclusive life This article talks about the advantages of an inclusive education from a parent's perspective.
For more information and examples of a vision visit our Resourcing Inclusive Communities* website.

*Resourcing Inclusive Communities is an initiative of Family Advocacy.

Chapter 3: The education system, what the research says and what inclusion is

Things that might be helpful to consider when choosing an education for your child Dr Bob Jackson. To view more of Dr. Jackson's work and resources visit his website, Include

Research evidence on inclusion can be found on our Listen to the Evidence webpage. 

All students learning together - Taking Action on Education this Family Advocacy booklet provides insights into advocating for your family member in a practical way when talking to schools.

Chapter 4: Reasonable adjustments

Resource: Disability Standards for Education: A practical Guide

View Joscelyn's Journey another example of how a student with disability has been supported in the regular class. 

Visit our know your rights webpage to see more on the policy, legislation and conventions about education for people with disability.

Chapter 5: Choosing a school, enrolling and transitioning into school

Learn more about Mac's experience in enrolling and transitioning into school on Gina's blog Inky-Ed, where you can also find her Mac2 DET letter.

Creating a personal portfolio

In this section, a parent discusses how she used a booklet or portfolio as a way of introducing her son in a positive way. Some families have found this to be a useful tool. The booklet could include your vision and photographs of your son or daughter in various positive contexts. It could also talk about things he or she likes doing. You can read an article by Paula Kluth, called Creating Personal Portfolios to get more ideas on what you can put in a personal portfolio. You can also read examples of a personal portfolio on our building good relationships with the school webpage.  

Applying to enrol

You can find out more on how to enrol by visiting the NSW Schools website page: Enrolment .

Getting Ready for school: A guide for parents of a child with a disability is a booklet that shares more information about the enrolment process in State schools. 

Chapter 6: Supports in the system

Integrated Funding Support Program

The Integrated Funding Support Program is for students who need additional supports and have an identified disability (as defined by NSW DEC criteria). An application must be made for this funding. To find out more about this you can read the DEC Funding Support Document which we referred to during the webinar.

Thinking critically about the role of a School Learning Support Officer previously called a Teacher's Aide read: Be Careful What You Wish for ...”: Five Reasons to Be Concerned About the Assignment of Individual Paraprofessionals

To find out more about supports in the system, applying for funding and how funding can be utilised visit our using funding supports effectively webpage.

Chapter 7: Communicating with schools, planning and further resources

Parent's Individual Education Planning Report (IEP Workbook and Report Proforma) This form and workbook helps parents to think through the important areas that need to be considered when developing plans and goals for children in educational settings.

Advocacy Tools this booklet discusses tips and tools for meetings and communication with your school.

Dr Paula Kluth Dr. Paula Kluth works with teachers and families to help facilitate inclusive opportunities for students with disability and to create more responsive and engaging schooling experiences for all learners. Her website has lots of practical ideas, articles and resources for including children with disability in regular classes.

For further information and resources on advocacy, visit the our Advocacy and Leadership webpage.

More information and great reading

All students learning together - Taking Action on Education Booklet (PDF). You can also request a hard copy of the booklet here.
Inclusive High School Education - Jacob's Story Film
Advocacy and Leadership Making it Happen  webpage
Creating Community Connections section of the Resourcing Inclusive Communities website

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