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Brief Introduction to Social Role Valorisation as a High-Order Concept for Structuring Services; 4th expanded edition


In 1983, Wolfensberger formulated Social Role Valorization (SRV) as the successor to the principle of normalization. In 1991, the Training Institute for Human Service Planning, Leadership and Change Agentry published a monograph on SRV entitled A Brief Introduction to Social Role Valorization as a High-Order Concept for Structuring Human Services. It was revised and elaborated, and a 2nd edition was published in 1992. Since then, the monograph has undergone yet another revision and expansion, reflecting the evolving conceptualization and teaching of SRV. This 3rd revised, and greatly expanded 1998 edition has a new title and is described here.

This edition contains material that is not in either the PASING Manual or any of the shorter articles. The monograph can thus serve as an intermediate-length explanation of SRV. It would be especially useful for those people who want a better understanding of SRV, but are not (yet) prepared to read PASSING, or not able to attend an introductory workshop which rarely lasts less than 3 days. But it also serves as a suitable preparatory reading for people who are planning to come to an introductory SRV workshop.

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Wolfensberger, Wolf
Valor Press, Canada
Publication Date
1 January 2013
Parents, Professionals, Teachers, Families
Social Role Valorisation
United States

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