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A Preliminary Investigation of IEP Quality and Content Associated with Placement in General Education Versus Special Education Classes

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An analysis was conducted of the quality and curriculum content of the individualised education programs (IEPs) written by 11 teachers for 22 students with severe disabilities who attended a segregated special class program (2 students per teacher). Differences were then analysed between this first set of IEPs and subsequent IEPs written by the same teachers for the same 22 students following a change of placement from special classes to full time inclusion in general classes. No difference was found in the curriculum content of the IEPs written for the students when they attended a special versus a general education class. There was a difference, however, in the quality of the IEP objectives, with higher scores for IEPs written for the students when they were fully included, suggesting an attitude change by their teachers. Keywords: Attitudes, Education, Inclusion, School Age

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Hunt, P Farron-Davis, F
JASH, Volume 12 Number 4
Publication Date
1 January 1992
Attitudes, Education, Inclusion, School age
United States

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