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Co-operative Learning in Inclusive Classrooms: Learning to Become a Community

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In inclusive schoolrooms, striking a balance between meeting the unique needs of students with disabilities and involving them in co-operative learning activities with their peers is a challenge to many teachers. This eloquent article deals with the issue of curriculum adaptation in practical, hands-on terms and cites several interesting examples. It talks about the key principles of and inclusive classroom and how these can be achieved: "...we must whole heartedly believe that diversity enriches students and teachers and that learning to function in heterogeneous communities is a valid, if not central goal of schooling in a democracy. As our society becomes increasingly multicultural, we must recognise that learning to celebrate differences is critical for cohesive communities". Keywords: Education, Inclusion, School Age

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Sapon - Shevin, Mara
Co-operative Learning, Vol 12 No 1
Publication Date
1 October 1991
Education, Inclusion, School age
United States

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