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Education/Integration: A collection of readings on the integration of children with mental handicaps into regular school systems


"The purpose of this collection of articles and ideas on integration (inclusion) is to add to the material about integration already being published......If indeed the focus for the '80s is on community living (still the focus for the '90s), we had better start including children early into the community. It does not make sense to educate a child in a segregated setting with other children who look, act and behave in a non typical fashion and then to expect that child to function in a real job and in a real home. If we want children with handicaps to grow up to live and work in the community, then they must go to school alongside their typical peers from the beginning....We did not put these articles together so that everyone who reads them would be able to start their own integrated programs. Instead, they are meant to convey that it is possible to do something (p.1-2). Keywords: Education, School age, Inclusion

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Forest, Marsha
National Institute on Mental Retardation, Ontario
Publication Date
1 January 1984
Education, Inclusion, School age

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