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Exploring, trialling and widening horizons tapping into community Margaret Hardman and Nadia Samperi


This presentation was given at Family Advocacy's 2012 The Odyssey Conference...celebrating achievements, progress and change. 

Margaret Hardman is a Sydney woman who attended a special school, worked in a sheltered workshop and lived in a couple of group homes before her family supported her to take up opportunities that were better suited to her as an individual. Margaret has now been working in open employment for more than 20 years. She lives in a home that suits her and is now pursuing new and varied interests in her local community – all with the support she needs to make this happen. With her lifestyle facilitator, Margaret is building on her interests, discovering new ones and tapping into a community that has more to offer than it might seem.

Nadia Samperi is employed as Margaret Hardman’s ‘lifestyle facilitator’ with her role being to assist her to explore her interests, gifts and skills and to make connections with people in her community. Over the past year, Nadia has spent time getting to know Margaret, researching opportunities for community connections and supporting Margaret to organise and attend community events.

Margaret Hardman and Nadia Samperi
Family Advocacy Odyssey Conference
Family Advocacy
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1 January 1970

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