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From integration to inclusion: The Canadian experience

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Uditsky moves through an historical overview of the education of students with significant disabilities in Canada, focussing on the parent movement because they were and are the principle leaders and agents of change. Several other themes run through this chapter: 1. the struggle for inclusion as a reflection of personal and cultural values not educational science; 2. educators as allies in the process of change; and 3. inclusive schooling practices as different from integrated schooling practices. Uditsky ultimately argues that although a definition of inclusion is still evolving, fundamental to the process is a set of principles ensuring the student is valued and needed. From these principles come several key components to the practice of inclusive schooling: membership, curriculum, teaching practices, friendships and supports. Keywords: Education, School age

Uditsky, Bruce
Slee, Roger (ed). Is There a Desk With My Name On It?
The Falmer Press
Publication Date
1 January 1993
Education, School age

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