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This is a really touching, simple poem written by a child sharing her feelings about a new disabled boy at school. Initially the disabled child is seen as very different, almost alien: "...He runs in a funnyish jerkyish way, And he never comes first in a race....he's nothing at all like me, like me. No he's nothing at all like me." Over many verses the similarities between the children emerge. The disabled child is seen as a real person with the same feelings, hopes, likes and dislikes as all the other children. He is "a lot like me". A great poem to share with infants and primary classes which have a disabled child enrolled. Keywords: Attitudes, Education, Inclusion, Integration, School Age

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Kingsly, Emma
IA - A Newsletter Volume 3 Number 3
Publication Date
1 January 1990
Attitudes, Education, Friendship, Inclusion, School age
United States

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