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More Education/Integration: A further collection of readings on the integration of children with mental handicaps into regular school systems


This book includes lots of personal stories as well as discussion on professional debates such as whether the concept of "least restrictive environment" is outmoded. These debates take on life as stories of children's' and families' experiences explain and illustrate the arguments. This book makes it clear that physical proximity does not constitute integration (read "inclusion"), thus being taught in a special class attached to a regular school does not constitute inclusion. The book also reveals certain essential elements for inclusion. Among other things, they include a belief that the education of each student is equally important, recognition that inclusion is not a experiment and that there must be opportunities for students of all abilities to develop friendships with each other. Keywords: Education, School age, Inclusion

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Forest, Marsha (ed)
The G.Allan Roeher Institute, Ontario
Publication Date
1 January 1987
Education, Inclusion

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