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Passing : A Tool for Analyszing Service Quality According to Social Role Valorization; Ratings Manual 3rd (revised) Edition


‘PASSING’ is an acronym for ‘Program Analysis of Service Systems’ Implementation of Normalization Goals.  It is also a brand for the tool which is the most recent method for quantitatively and objectively assessing the social role valorising quality of a human service, and which grew out of PASS, a more complex and broader human service evaluation tool.

The training is aimed at persons who are or aspire to be leaders in human services, especially in their local area, and especially in bringing about adaptive change.  Additionally, the workshop is intended to support individuals who either are, or who are likely to become, deeply committed to devalued people and who wish to use SRV as a guide in their support of those persons.  Such support may take many forms but one is an understanding, at a technical level of the changes necessary within human services if people are to experience better lives.

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Wolf Wolfensberger and Susan Thomas
Training Institute for Human Service Planning
Publication Date
1 January 2007
Families, Parents, Professionals
Social Role Valorization
United States

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