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Pedro's Whale


Pedro, a young boy with autism who loves whales more than anything, is heartbroken when he's told to put away his favorite toy whale on the first day of school. But then Pedro's teacher discovers the secret to helping him do his best work: not only giving him his whale, but also incorporating his special interest into the whole curriculum. Soon, Pedro's whale is helping all the children learn, as the teacher works whales into math lessons, story time and more!
Based on the real-life event that inspired Paula Kluth and Patrick Schwarz's bestselling "Just Give Him the Whale!" this simple but powerful story is a great teaching tool for educators and children alike. With Pedro's eye-opening lesson in mind, teachers and children will work together to create classrooms where students with and without special needs feel safe, motivated and ready to learn.

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Paula Kluth & Patrick Schwarz
Paul H. Brookes Publishing Co.
Publication Date
1 January 2010
Families, Parents, Professionals
United States

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