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Recreation - Human Services Partnerships: The Rural Recreation Integration Project

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The Rural Recreation Integration Project (RRIP) is a collaborative effort between the North Dakota Parks and Recreation Dept and the University of North Dakota, the purpose of which is to facilitate the physical and social inclusion of people with disabilities into existing community recreation and leisure programs and services. It involved conducting intensive training (over a 3 year period) to over 250 people who work in a variety of professional areas in parks and recreation and in human services. The training focussed on disability awareness, physical and program accessibility, and implementation of inclusion in park and recreation programs. The project has had a positive impact, with the majority of the training participants implementing inclusion at their agencies. [See Mary Jo's story (File No. 10922) for an example of how the RRIP has facilitated inclusion.] Keyword: Community Development

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Anderson, Lynn; Brown, Carla; & Soli, Patricia
TASH Newsletter, April 1998
Publication Date
1 April 1998
Community Development, Social Activities
United States

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