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Representing the Institution: Reflections on Barriers to Inclusive Teacher Education

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This academic article discusses barriers to the development of inclusive teacher practices in England and how they might be reduced. Inclusion refers to the minimisation of racial, sexual and socio-economic discrimination, with little specific mention of disability. It is argued that England's national education policies overtly support inclusion but covertly oppose it because of a strong emphasis on standards, accountability, and selection of pupils based on interschool competitiveness. Academics in the institution surveyed do not express a united view on inclusion. The article reports barriers to inclusion encountered by academics, notes their differing perceptions of progress, and concludes with suggestions for minimizing barriers to inclusive development.

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Tony Booth
National Council on Intellectual disability newsletter, vol. 16, issue 4, 2003, pp7-22
Publication Date
25 May 2005
Education, Inclusion

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