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The "Butwhatabout" Kids!

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We have all heard about them - the 'yes-but' and 'whadabout' kids - who seem to challenge some teachers too much to be considered for inclusive schooling. This article states that the 'yes-but' excuse really translates to "I don't want to do it" or "I'm not willing to figure out a way to do it!" It introduces you to two such kids, examines their case histories and shows how their respective school communities accepted and overcame the many challenges presented by their enrolment in mainstream settings. Keywords: Education, Inclusion, School Age

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Forest, Marsha Pearpoint, Jack
Pearpoint, Jack et al , The Inclusion Papers; Strategies to Make Inclusion Work
Inclusion Press, Ontario
Publication Date
1 January 1992
Education, Inclusion, School age
United States

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