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The Potential Role Of Advocacy In "Imagining Better"

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Advocates are frequently people who have become persuaded that the world can be "better" than it is, and it is incumbent upon them to struggle for what might bring this improved world into closer proximity.,A deeply challenging internal process takes place in people, who are provoked by the offending aspects of life and community that could be called envisioning or imagining "better". This process, often called "dreaming" in some circles, may seem to many people to be a misguided indulgence in pointless fantasy. Nonetheless, the "imaginal" process is an essential characteristic of how people come to shift their sense of what is actually real or come to perceive new realities.,

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Kendrick, Michael J.
Frontline, Issue 51, pp. 26-27, Dublin, Ireland, July 2002
Publication Date
24 May 2005
Advocacy, Attitudes

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