Kelly Evagelakos

Marketing and Communications Manager

Kelly brings more than 15 years’ experience in marketing, communication and media. She has a Diploma of Advertising, Double Degree, Masters of Media Practice and Juris Doctor, all of which adds value to pioneering and executing marketing strategies, developing relationships with key stakeholders and implementing new tools to achieve team initiatives across a wide range of channels. Kelly’s focus will be strengthening our market presence and increasing engagement with the public to help empower and educate families for the purpose of creating real social change and true inclusion.

She is passionate about helping others find their voice, and enjoys working with local communities to make a positive impact for those that are marginalised and socially disadvantaged. Kelly plays a key role in supporting the Resourcing Inclusive Communities team, Advocacy and Leadership Development team, and the Systemic Advocacy and Campaigns Manager to ensure that families are well-informed of their rights and can help enrich the lives of people with disability.

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