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Taking the conversation on inclusive education from well-meaning to well-doing.

Inspired by the first National Symposium on Inclusive Education created and facilitated by Family Advocacy, which foregrounded multiple voices, perspectives and experiences Access: Symposium is an ever-growing online platform committed to challenge thinking , share examples and stimulate the necessary conversations to bring on change.

Access: Symposium is dedicated to supporting the inclusive education community in all of its facets so we can collectively scale the conversation and drive momentum.

By providing multiple perspectives in one place and fostering knowledge exchange within the sector, Access: Symposium is focused on closing the gap between policy and practice.

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National Symposium on Inclusive Education 2017

This entire event was captured in video and the presentations can be watched below.

Part 1

Part 1 of filming includes presentations by:
Rob Stokes, MP, Member for Pittwater, NSW Minister for Education (from 6:17)
Alastair McEwin, Australian Disability Discrimination Commissioner (from 17:32)
Professor Roger Slee, researcher, author and Founding Editor of the International Journal of Inclusive Education (from 47:16)

Roger Slee Presentation PDF

Part 2

Part 2 of filming includes presentations by:
Jihad Dib, MP, Member for Lakemba, NSW Shadow Minister for Education
Jody Carr, Politician from New Brunswick, Canada and Minister of Education and Early Childhood Development during development and implementation Policy 322 on Inclusive Education (from 31:13)
Jody Carr Presentation PDF

Part 3

Part 3 of filming includes presentations by:
Professor Simona D'Alessio, international researcher, teacher and activist in inclusive education
Emma Husar, Member for Lindsay (from 20:40)
Dr. Carol Quirk, Director of Maryland Coalition for Inclusive Education (MCIE) and Executive Team Member for the School wide Integrated Framework for Transformation (SWIFT) Center (from 34.10)
Leanne Woodley, Senior Education Consultant for Association for Independent Schools, NSW (AISNSW) (from 1:08:14)
Dr. Carol Quirk Presentation PDF
Leanne Woodley Presentation PDF

Part 4

Part 4 of filming includes presentations by:
Loren Swancutt, Head of Special Education Services at a Queensland State High School (from 1:08)
Panel session including Roger Slee, Jody Carr, Loren Swancutt, Yolande Cailly, Gina Wilson-Burns and Karen Tippett as facilitator (from 28.47)
Loren Swancutt Presentation PDF

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