Importance of right relationship - A good first introduction to the school and principal

When meeting with the principal and school it is important to be prepared and know what you want. Having a clear vision for your child that you can share with others can help in this process. It can be used to assist people in understanding the expectations for your child's schooling. 

A good relationship with the school has a positive impact on your child’s schooling experience. In the following clip we hear from Bruce Uditsky on things to consider when attempting to create a positive, trusting and collaborative relationship with your school.

Present a positive image of your son or daughter; talk about their strengths and personality. One way that families can introduce their child to the school is by preparing a book or a portfolio about their child. In this way, families are able to represent their son or daughter as a child first with likes and dislikes, interests and talents, and not just focus on their disability or support needs. 

The portfolio can be used by the school to better understand a child and as a source of ideas and information.

Creating Personal Portfolios: Tools for transition, communication and inclusion Dr Paula Kluth
Start with strengths Kathie Snow 
People first language Kathie Snow
Strengths and Strategies: assessing and sharing what matters Dr Paula Kluth

Below are some examples personal portfolios that parents have put together for their child.

About me at home and about me at school 
A book about Rhys
About me portfolio

Janet Klees is a Canadian advocate, speaker and author who explains the importance of language and imagery when introducing a person with disability to other people or into a new setting.

Making relationships a priority - some strategies for educators in their role of facilitating good classroom practices that help build peer relationships, by educator Dr Paula Kluth.

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