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The 'Better Together, Inclusion for All'' campaign aims to ensure people with disability have access to inclusive education, employment, housing, and community so we can create a more inclusive society. 

The Disability Royal Commission heard overwhelming evidence that people with disability in segregated settings are more likely to experience violence, abuse, neglect and exploitation.

 All Commissioners agreed that reforms are required to ensure that no one is forced to participate in settings designed exclusively for people with disability. Importantly, the 6 Commissioners made the key point: 

"Education is the starting point for an inclusive society".

Based on the Commission's recommendations, we have written a Position Statement on Inclusive Education, endorsed by disability advocacy and representative organisations, proposing that inclusive education can only be achieved through ongoing enhancement of mainstream practices alongside a phased and responsible transition away from segregated approaches. These major reforms need to be implemented with clear timelines, transparency around the process and co-designed with people who have the lived experience of disability. 

It's important to note, these recommendations are backed up by the recent NDIS Review which recommends: 

Action 2.5: All Australian governments should take steps to protect the right to inclusive education for children with disability and developmental concerns in early childhood education and care and schools.

We need you to help us encourage the NSW government to adopt and implement these major reforms by sending this email template to your NSW Member of Parliament.  

Your voice is important and powerful! By emailing your local MP, we can work together to create a more inclusive and equitable society for all! 


Position Statement on Inclusive Education

Based on the Commission's recommendations, we have written a position statement, endorsed by disability advocacy and representative organisations. 

How to Meet and Lobby your MP guide

This guide has handy tips to give you the confidence to  make sure your message is heard.

Briefing Booklet

This booklet contains information about Family Advocacy and on inclusive education for when you meet with your local MP or share our campaign with friends.

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