Same Classroom, Same Opportunity
Securing Better Futures Through an Inclusive Education

Download our 'How to Meet and Lobby your MP Guide' This guide will provide you with the necessary steps to make sure your message is heard and to advocate for the support our families and friends deserve. 

The guide includes a printable briefing paper about the Same Classroom and Same Opportunity campaign that you can take with you when you meet your MP.

Go to our campaign website where you can:

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About the Campaign

Family Advocacy's Same Classroom, Same Opportunity - Securing Better Futures through an Inclusive Education campaign aims to ensure ALL students in NSW, no matter their circumstance, are welcomed and supported in the general classroom of their local school, all day, everyday. 

The Disability Royal Commission has heard that many children and young people with a disability are being excluded, segregated, unfairly suspended, forced to attend part-time, or subjected to a heightened risk of abuse, neglect and low expectations. Sadly, this sets children and young people with disability up for a life pathway without employment and social isolation from the general community.

Children and young people with disability in NSW deserve better!

We call upon the NSW Government to:

      1. Commit to an Inclusive Education Roadmap with a long term vision that will strengthen the system’s capability including supporting teachers so students with disability can access and participate on the same basis as other students. Read more here.

      2. Invest in a Work Transition Pilot Project to improve the transition of young people with disability from education to employment.

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