Moving into the high school years can offer many benefits as students begin to select subjects of more interest and have a range of teachers, some of whom may be more supportive.

As with starting primary school families have found it helpful to do some research to determine which school will be best for their child.

Asking questions such as:

  • What supports are there in the school environment?
  • Which schools naturally flow on from the primary school?
  • Does the principal seem welcoming?
  • What is the transition process at the high school, is there a teacher in a transition to Year 7 role?

What you should expect from the curriculum at high school

The New South Wales Education Standards Authority (NESA) (previously the Board of Studies Teaching and Educational Standards NSW) is responsible for school curriculum assessment, teaching and regulatory standards in NSW schools.

You can find out more about the curriculum for students with additional learning needs on the NESA Special Education webpage.

There is support available to assist students with disability in assessment and examinations.

Life Skills is a curriculum option that students with intellectual disability may consider. However it is important to know that life skills can be accessed for specific subjects and it is not necessary to choose Life Skills for a students whole course.   

For more information on this please view the Life Skills eligibility webpage.

Tip: Consider you child's vision for whole of life when making decisions.

Inclusive High School Education: Jacob’s Story 

A practical short film of how a family is working alongside the school to bring about an inclusive positive school experience for their son with an intellectual disability.

"We really would encourage that people think about their child's life holistically, as a whole, going beyond school because school is just one part of their whole life. But it certainly sets them up for having a good life after they leave school". Annette Bush, Jacob's mum.   

This family has found the preparation they did for primary school was equally as important for high school, as you will hear in the video clips below.



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